Learn Reiki & Healing Techniques

Learn Tools For Personal and Spiritual Growth


Reiki Level I

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that absolutely ANYONE can learn! Level I you receive a pendulum, certificate, learn how to heal yourself, release old issues that may be burdening you from the past. You will feel more peaceful and much lighter!


Reiki Level II

In Reiki Level 2, you will learn: Reiki symbols, how to use them in daily life & in your practice, color therapy techniques, energy protection techniques, meditation, long-distance and proxy healing, how to use essential oils, and you receive a gift!


Reiki Level III (Master Level)

In Reiki Level III you will learn how to perform full Reiki sessions and how to start your own Reiki Practice: Advanced healing techniques Master Level Reiki symbols How to treat and balance the internal organ systems Psychic Surgery Energetic Cords


How to use a Pendulum and Your Body as a Pendulum

Learn how to use a pendulum and your body as a pendulum to test the chakras and to use as a divination tool!


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